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Hi, i’m Derrick.

Derrick S. K. Siawor

Derrick S. K. Siawor, a trailblazing Full Stack Developer and Tech Entrepreneur, stands as the driving force behind DerkOnline, a beacon of digital innovation. Armed with a robust background in Linux Server Administration, Web & App Development, and Email Deliverability, Derrick seamlessly integrates technical prowess with strategic leadership.

In his capacity as Founder, CEO, and Developer at CeyAI, Derrick spearheads AI development, Chatbot applications, and bespoke software solutions. As the CTO of Girl Code Africa, he shapes tech strategy, project selection, and curriculum development, contributing to initiatives providing free IT education for girls.

Derrick's influence extends further as the Technical Director at Command-Space, where he leads project management, employee resolution, and technology research. His entrepreneurial journey also gave birth to DerkOnline, showcasing expertise in managing AWS Linux servers, and an Advanced Email Management System.

Proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js, Bash, Python, and well-versed in cloud platforms like AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, and Azure, Derrick is a dynamic force in the digital realm. His certifications as a Cisco Certified Network Associate (Routing & Switching) and Advanced Professional Diploma in Software Engineering underscore his unwavering commitment to excellence.

Derrick S. K. Siawor's achievements include impactful collaborations with Girl Code Africa, offering free IT education, developing innovative software for Linux server email configuration, and launching a commercial email platform adopted by major corporations. Currently maintaining 10 AWS Ubuntu servers for web hosting & private email, Derrick exemplifies a workaholic, persistent, and deadline-driven leader with an exceptional ability to manage teams. His influence resonates across the digital landscape, establishing Derrick S. K. Siawor as a standout figure in the world of technology and innovation.

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